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7 Ways to Rebuild Broken Trust  

Trust is one of the key components for healthy relationships.  Shattered trust will severely crack any friendship, family relationship, or marriage connection.  Broken trust may occur from lies, abuse, infidelity, financial secrets, etc.  Shown below are 7 ideas to rebuild trust in order to restore a relationship bond.

1.  Acknowledge the problem.  The offender must admit that their words or actions demolished the trust.

2.  Sincere repentance.  The offender offers either a verbal or written genuine apology. 

3.  Request forgiveness.  Just saying “I am sorry” is not enough because asking for forgiveness helps validate a repentant attitude.

4.  Choose to forgive.  The offended person needs to offer forgiveness to begin the reconciliation process. 

5.  Restorative words and actions.  The offended person may make a list of words and actions for the offender that will restore faith in the offender.

6.  The offended needs to risk wisely.  Please use reason and logic and understand that rebuilding trust increases 1% at a time through truthful words and honest actions.

7.  Trust is a percentage.  Realize that no one is 100% trustworthy but the higher in the 90th percentile a friendship, family relationship, or marriage is the more likely for a satisfying relationship. 

Today:  If necessary, begin using these 7 steps for rebuilding a broken trust in order to achieve the goal of a healthy reconciliation. 

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7 Ways To Find A Healthy Spouse

One of the most important decisions a person will make in life is selecting a future spouse.  Unfortunately, numerous spouses just choose the wrong partner and the result is divorce.  I estimate that 80% to 85% of the time a divorce happens because one spouse is deeply flawed and demonstrates extreme unhealthy thinking and/or behaviors. 

No matter your age, if you are single, shown below are 7 ways to find that healthy spouse.

1.  Write down 15 qualities that you are seeking in a wholesome partner.

2.  Write down 5 intolerable flaws or deal breakers that you absolutely want to avoid in a future spouse.

3.  Avoid dating a person who needs “fixing.” “Fixes” rarely happen after the wedding day.

4.  Only date potential marriage partners. 

5.  Have your eyes wide open while dating, and then half closed after the wedding ceremony. 

6.  Date for at least 12 months or the four seasons so you fully know your potential spouse before getting engaged. 

7.  Recognize the flaws your future spouse possesses before marriage, will be to a greater degree after the wedding day. 

 This Week:  Write down 15 qualities and 5 intolerable flaws so you have your list when you begin the dating process.    

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