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Write Out Your Purpose In Life

I think it is so very important for every one of us to live life with a purpose.  Proverbs 29:18 states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish . . . .” 

The apostle Paul said, “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  Regarding his purpose Billy Graham said, “I was faithful to what God wanted me to do, I maintained integrity in every area of my life, and I lived what I preached.” 

What is your purpose for living today?  The four questions below may help you find your purpose.

1.  What will your “footprints” be on this earth?

2.  How would you like to be remembered by family members, friends, and associates?

3.  How would you spend your precious time if you only had two years to live?

4.   What would you like to see etched on your tombstone?

Today: Write out your purpose in life by completing this sentence, “My purpose in life is . . . .”  

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Similar to the wisdom of Proverbs, every Monday I will share a practical wisdom quote.  I pray this quote will make a difference in your personal life and relationships.  

Monday, June 17, 2019

“There is no shame in having fallen.  Nor any shame in being born into a lowly estate.  There is only shame in not struggling to rise.  And also shame for not wishing to attain the better.  Or not dreaming about it and praying for it.”  Samuel Amalu


8 Qualities For A Successful Life  

Having a successful life is a worthy goal for all of us.  Research has found that possessing 8 qualities can lead to a productive and enjoyable life. 

1.  Radiate self-confidence.  When self-confident we are enthusiastic, positive, ambitious, supportive of others, happy, and content with life. 

2.  Ask for wisdom.  When pursuing a goal we need to ask, ask, ask, for wisdom from those who have already achieved our dream. 

3.  Determine in advance what we will do and what we will not do.  We have a game plan with specific details in order to not deviate from achieving our goal.

4.  Be willing to take risks and dream big. We must risk wisely and at the same time have significant goals that stretch us.

5.  Realize setbacks are part of life.  We can learn from our “goal delays” and then not repeat mistakes that we made in the past. 

6.  Celebrate successes.  After achieving a goal, it is important to commemorate our triumph by going out for a special meal, having a getaway weekend, going on a special vacation, etc.

7.  Be satisfied with what we have and spend less than we make. We need to understand that “things” don’t bring happiness but it is our journey of serving God and others that makes our life enjoyable. 

8.  Give back to God and charitable organizations.  We are never fully successful unless we are “givers” in many ways including financial gifts to God and charities. 

Today:  Begin incorporating these attributes in order to improve and grow in your personal life.

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10 Steps To Achieving 3 Goals In 2019

New Year’s resolutions are dreams and wishes while goals are objective targets.  Achieving three goals in 2019 will be a significant achievement and make a positive difference in your life.  Shown below are 10 steps to achieving your 3 most important goals in 2019. 

1.         Evaluate all the major aspects of life: faith, family, marriage, parenting, health, fears to be overcome, friendships, income, career, financial planning, etc.  Then, select the 3 most important goals for making a difference in your life and the life of others. 

2.         It is absolutely essential to write down those 3 goals.  Yes, goals must be in writing otherwise they are only dreams.

3.         Be very specific and measurable with your goals.

4.         For each goal, write down the reasons that these goals will enhance your life and those around you. 

5.         Break each of the 3 goals into 5 small steps.

6.         Set a deadline for achieving each of the 5 steps.

7.         Write down the obstacles to be overcome in order to achieve your goals.

8.         Every night plan and write down how you will move toward accomplishing each goal the next day.

9.         Only share your 3 goals with those who will support and encourage you. 

10.       Perfectly visualize what it will feel like to achieve your 3 important goals.  

Before January 1st, intentionally write down your 3 most important goals for 2019. 

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10 Life Principles To Help With Holiday Stress

1.         Life is NOT fair.  Almost daily something unfair happens to us.  The holidays are no different so expect unfair things to occur during this holiday season.

 2.         Avoid either-or/good-or-bad thinking.  Today is not going to be a good day or a bad day.  Good things will happen and not so good things.  Likewise, this holiday season will have positive occurrences and not so positive happenings.

 3.         Money never brings happiness.  Understand that money, or the lack of it, will not determine your holiday happiness.  Memories and not material things is what you will remember from this Christmas.

 4.         Don’t expect perfection from life.  Perfection is the enemy of good.  Hope for a good Christmas not a perfect one. 

 5.         You can’t change family or friends.  This holiday season accept the fact that your family and friends will be the same as always so take them for who they are and go with the flow.

 6.         Avoid absolute thinking like “always” and “never.”  Thinking we have “always” done it this way or we “never” did that before during the holiday season will only create stress.  Openness and flexibility will lead to a happier holiday season. 

 7.         Don’t have binocular vision.  Avoid focusing on just negative occurrences with the holidays so they don’t become bigger than they really are.  Look at all the positives to have a more realistic outlook on the holidays. 

 8.         Avoid labeling people and experiences.  Others will have differing opinions and behaviors.  Nonetheless, you can still enjoy them and not let that diminish your holiday happiness. Focus on the good qualities of family and friends.

 9.         Think percentages in life.  Every day is somewhere between 90%(A-) to 60%(D-).  Daily, this holiday season will also have a range.  Expect this holiday season to average about a C+ to B-.  Anything more is very satisfying, anything less is then not too disappointing. 

 10.       Avoid mind-reading.  You can never know what another person is thinking.  Look at the facts not your feelings when assessing how family and friends are enjoying the holidays. 

 This Week:  Begin implementing one or two life principles to help with holiday stress. 

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