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8 Qualities For A Successful Life  

Having a successful life is a worthy goal for all of us.  Research has found that possessing 8 qualities can lead to a productive and enjoyable life. 

1.  Radiate self-confidence.  When self-confident we are enthusiastic, positive, ambitious, supportive of others, happy, and content with life. 

2.  Ask for wisdom.  When pursuing a goal we need to ask, ask, ask, for wisdom from those who have already achieved our dream. 

3.  Determine in advance what we will do and what we will not do.  We have a game plan with specific details in order to not deviate from achieving our goal.

4.  Be willing to take risks and dream big. We must risk wisely and at the same time have significant goals that stretch us.

5.  Realize setbacks are part of life.  We can learn from our “goal delays” and then not repeat mistakes that we made in the past. 

6.  Celebrate successes.  After achieving a goal, it is important to commemorate our triumph by going out for a special meal, having a getaway weekend, going on a special vacation, etc.

7.  Be satisfied with what we have and spend less than we make. We need to understand that “things” don’t bring happiness but it is our journey of serving God and others that makes our life enjoyable. 

8.  Give back to God and charitable organizations.  We are never fully successful unless we are “givers” in many ways including financial gifts to God and charities. 

Today:  Begin incorporating these attributes in order to improve and grow in your personal life.

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