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I am very happy to announce that my Christian marriage book, SIMPLE HABITS FOR MARITAL HAPPINESS, will be released December 2019.  SIMPLE HABITS are the keys to a lasting, loving marriage!

These short lessons, each one easily read in less than five minutes, will build a vibrant, rewarding relationship that becomes more fulfilling every year.  The seven chapters cover every aspect of your marriage so you are able to strengthen your present positive words and behaviors as well as repair troubling parts of your relationship.

These Successful Habits Will Boost Your Marital Satisfaction By Helping You . . . . . . .

*          Learn the healing essentials of apologizing and forgiving for life-long harmony

*          Implement the four practical habits that strengthen your marital bond

*          Increase your spiritual and emotional closeness

*          Build an enjoyable relationship with communication skills that connect you together

*          Apply the “guards” that protect and enhance your marriage

*          Keep the “bond of peace” with guidelines that lead to respectful disagreement discussions

*          Develop God-pleasing financial unity

SIMPLE HABITS FOR MARITAL HAPPINESS will make a great Christmas gift for married friends, children, grandchildren, parents, and other family members.

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