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14 Ways To Value Your Spouse On Valentine’s Day

The number “7” in the Bible stands for completeness, perfection, or wholeness.  This Valentine’s Day, complete your relationship and make your connection perfectly wholesome and satisfying.

Tomorrow, value your spouse and help them feel special without spending any money.  Shown below are 14 money free ways to love your spouse. 

1.  Hold your spouse’s hand for at least 7 minutes.

2.  Leave a love note.

3.  Hug your spouse 7 different times.

4.  Tell your spouse the internal attribute that you appreciate the most about them.

5.  Smile at your spouse 7 different times.

6. Share with your spouse your best day ever together.

7. Enjoy discussing with your spouse your favorite mini-vacation or vacation.

8.  Look into each other’s eyes for 7 minutes.

9.  Share a romantic memory with your spouse.

10.  Complete this sentence with your spouse, “I feel loved and valued by you when . . . . .

11.  Give your spouse 7 kisses.

12.  Share with your spouse the first time you felt emotionally close.

13.  Plan and set a date for a special future time together.

14.  Compliment your spouse in a specific way with the words, “I appreciate . . . . .

Tomorrow On Valentine’s Day:  Commit to implementing 7 of the 14 ways listed, or utilize your own loving ways, and help your spouse feel really loved on this special day!

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