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Have A Compassionate Heart For A Happy Marriage

Every Wednesday I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on life, marriage, or parenting.  Happy marriages usually have two spouses with compassionate hearts.  Two compassionate spouses can usually heal a marriage because sympathy, empathy, understanding, and sensitive caring are at the core of their identity.  Compassion helps you look at one another through kind, patient, and merciful eyes.  The Bible points out the true character of Jesus, compassion, which led to His death and glorious resurrection.

Definitely, compassion is necessary when a spouse is suffering physically or emotionally.  Compassion is necessary when a mistake occurs and only a humble apology will heal your spouse’s broken heart.  Compassion is necessary when your spouse deeply disappoints you and only forgiveness can restore your relationship.  Compassion is necessary when your relationship is going through difficult times.  When an impasse arises, compassion is necessary to help you try to understand your spouse’s perspective.

TODAY:   Ask your spouse what you can “do” or “say” that would demonstrate compassion within your marriage relationship.

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