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Seek Successful Models For Your Son and/or Daughter

Every Wednesday I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on life, marriage, or parenting. All of us are imperfect and flawed, including your child, but it is important to have goals in mind for how you want to develop responsible, healthy thoughts, words and behaviors within your child.  The cliché’ is true, “We are what we think.”  Likewise, a child will become what a parent “thinks” or envisions a successful adult man or woman looks like.  Please visualize what you “think” your child will look like as an “idealman or woman at age twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five, etc.

Next, write down the names of two men and two women you admire because of how they live their personal lives and enhance their marriage and family relationships.  Then, make a written list of the beliefs, virtues, moral values, positive habits, attitude, interests, and hobbies found in the men and women you admire. These men and women are the examples for what you desire within your child and provide a “template” for you as a parent.

TODAY:  Please aim for your child to be their own individual person but as a parent, keep the “model” of those men and women in your mind as you lead and guide your child into adulthood.  Please also use your written list to evaluate how you are influencing your child in all those positive aspects of life. 

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