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Date Your Child Monthly

Every Wednesday I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on life, marriage, or parenting. One of the best ways to influence your child’s heart is a monthly date at an ice cream store, donut shop, fast food outlet, or restaurant.  Children seem to share more thoughts and feelings while eating food and that can make a significant difference in your parent-child relationship.   Your parent-child date will hopefully be 30 minutes or more allowing you to make an eye-to-eye heart connection.

I suggest three guidelines for your date.  First, within your budget, let your child select the place to eat.  Second, from the time you leave your house until you return home, avoid three “Cs” – DON’T Correct, Complain, or Criticize your child anytime during the date.  Third, look into your child’s eyes, ask How and What questions, and let your child do the majority of the talking.

TODAY:  Sit down with your child and plan for a date during the month of October.  Then, remember to have a date each month until the time your child leaves home to be on their own. 

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