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7 Signs You Are A Healthy Spouse

On Wednesdays I post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. No spouse is perfect but evaluating these 7 signs can make a positive difference in marital happiness.

  1. You are better in every area of your marriage than the day you got married. You have a strong desire to improve and grow both as a person and a spouse on a daily basis.

  2. You are a giver. You give compliments, physical affection, offer encouragement, and very simply, say and do things often that value your spouse.

  3. You are agreeable and cooperative. You are easy to get along with, meaning, you are flexible, go with the flow, and not a control fanatic with decisions.

  4. You don’t “Have To.” You avoid Having To: compulsively shop; gamble; excessively drink alcohol; demonstrate irrational anger; compulsively use technology; etc.

  5. You are a girlfriend/boyfriend to your spouse every day. You never take your spouse for granted by continually winning your partner’s heart through positive words and actions.

  6. You plan time with your spouse. You don’t let your time together happen by chance but you schedule time daily and weekly with your partner.

  7. You are an apologizer and forgiver. You are willingly to admit when you make a mistake as well as forgive when your spouse apologizes to you.

TODAY:  Discuss with your spouse these 7 signs to assess where both of you desire improvement. 

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