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7 Ways To Effectively Listen To Your Spouse

Being a gold medal listener to your spouse is one of the best ways to help your partner feel loved, valued, and important.

  1.  Begin with your EYES. Efficient listening always requires that you almost stare into your spouse’s eyes.

  2. PLAN TIME on a daily basis to attentively listen to your partner for even five minutes.

  3. Have NO DISTRACTIONS. The cell phone, tablet, newspaper, or other outside elements will be a block to active listening.

  4. ASK QUESTIONS. Asking back-to-back questions almost forces you to be a successful listener.

  5. AVOID the Cs – Don’t Correct, Criticize, Complain, or Condemn. This may be one of the biggest challenges to being a competent listener.  Having a “C Attitude” produces a focus on yourself rather than your partner.

  6. WATCH YOUR NON-VERBALS. Your tone of voice, facial expression, and body language will either build-up or break down your listening skills.

  7. WORK HARD AT BEING A CAPABLE LISTENER. Being a caring listener actually takes practice on a daily basis.

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