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8 Connects To Thank Your Spouse

We all look forward to Thanksgiving Day and remembering how truly blessed we are in so many ways in this great nation.  Similarly, this Thanksgiving weekend initiate thankful words and actions for your spouse through 8 Special Connects.

  1. Verbal Connect. Express thankfulness to your spouse by initiating “I love you”; “I care so deeply about you”; “You are so special to me”; etc.

  2. Physical Connect. Surprise your spouse with a lengthy hug and meaningful kiss.

  3. Written Connect. Write a two or three sentence note expressing your love and thankfulness for your spouse.

  4. Time Connect. Spend 15 minutes giving your spouse undivided attention and look into their eyes.

  5. Compliment Connect. Praise your spouse with a compliment in front of others.

  6. Date Connect. Although the “Date Your Mate” may not happen this weekend, share with your spouse the day and time you would like to have a date.

  7. Dream Connect. Plan a getaway with your spouse for one night or if time and money allow for a longer period of time.

  8. Pray Connect. Hold hands and give thanks to almighty God for your marriage and the many blessings you have in life.

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