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7 Qualities of a Polite Spouse 

Two spouses that are extra-polite create a positive, happy marriage.  The best part about being polite – politeness is within our control.  One of the best ways to care and value our spouse is to be extra-polite.  Shown below are 7 goals for attaining politeness. 

1.  On a regular basis give sincere, positive compliments.

2.  Be courteous and considerate by regularly using “please,” “thank you,” and “you are welcome.”

3.  Ask questions to express an interest in your spouse.

4.  Never interrupt and let your spouse finish speaking.

5.  Avoid being a “C” spouse by regularly not complaining, criticizing, and correcting.

6.  Smile frequently rather than wear a constant frown.

7.  When speaking use a pleasant, encouraging tone so your spouse feels nurtured and special.

Today:  Implement these 7 politeness qualities along with what you have found to help your spouse feel loved. 

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