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7 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Child  

Regularly everyone, including your child, has setbacks and disappointments but what makes a difference in the response is a determined, never give up attitude!   Handling the challenges of life with a determined spirit requires that your child have confidence.    Shown below are 7 ways to build confidence in your child.

1.         Verbally affirm your child often with two phrases:  “I am proud of you” and “I believe in  you.”

2.         Help your child understand mistakes and setbacks are tremendous opportunities to learn even more and grow. 

3.         Teach your child to look for solutions when problems arise.  There are always solutions!

4.         Teach your child the importance of asking for help from others when looking for a solution.

5.         Stress to your child that focusing on the now, the present, is all that matters and that is what is within their control. Make a masterpiece of today!

6.         When you have a setback, model how well you handle that challenge.

7.         Every morning, have your child say aloud the affirmation, “I can and I will today!”

Today:  Begin implementing these 7 ways to build confidence in your child. 

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