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10 Ways To Build Up Your Spouse  

Encouragement and affirmation are essential qualities for every spouse to possess.  It is important to seek ways to lovingly build up your spouse.  Shown below are 10 Ways to express regard and praise your spouse.

1.  Tell your spouse that you are proud to be their marriage partner.

2.  Talk often about things that your partner is interested in.

3.  Through your words and actions create a home atmosphere of peace and joy.

4.  Avoid being a “nag” or a “demanding boss.”

5.  Appreciate your spouse in one specific way each day.

6.  Let your partner know your expectations in a sensitive and loving manner.

7.  Never interrupt during a conversation.

8.  Take your spouse’s hand or arm when you walk together.

9.  Regularly show your partner your sense of humor.

10.  Never let a day pass without saying “I love you.”

Today:  Use one of these 10 Ways or create your own ideas for building up your spouse. 

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