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Use Together Language

On Wednesdays I post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. God’s desire for marriage is for couples to strengthen their “oneness” (Genesis 2:24) or “togetherness.”  Usually, when I first counsel a troubled marriage, spouses refer to their possessions and relationships with “single” language. Some examples are:  "my" marriage, “my” house, “my” money, “my” room, “my” son or daughter, etc.

Once couples learn simple behaviors and words for increasing their “one flesh” union, “together” language starts to become more prevalent.  After marital improvement, I hear “we” are saving more, “our” cars, “our” child, “we” are planning for a happier relationship, "our" marriage.  My Christian marriage book that is coming soon will practically and specifically provide spouses with the “tools” for reinforcing a couple’s “oneness.”

TODAY:  Please remember to use only “together” language to boost marital commitment and strengthen your “oneness.”

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