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Dream Together For A Happy Marriage

On Wednesdays I post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. I absolutely believe that happy couples “Dream Together” about short term, intermediate, and long term aspirations and wishes.  Recently, I counseled with a couple that six months ago had a really troubled marriage, and thankfully now, both spouses are not only satisfied but very pleased with their “new” relationship.  During one of their first sessions, I suggested that to renew their marital commitment and bring joy back to their relationship, start planning for future good-times together.

They implemented that simple habit and together regularly plan for a gratifying marriage by talking about ideas for their next date, wishes for their next mini-vacation, and ambitious visions for their five year anniversary celebrations.  They incorporated “Dreaming Together” as a new simple habit but also are utilizing many other simple habits from my marriage book.

TODAY:  “Dream Together” about short term, intermediate, and long term hopes and dreams to both strengthen your connection and increase your emotional oneness.

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