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Marriage Expectations

In the middle of each week, I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on marriage, parenting, or life. Your spouse cannot read your mind!  Yet, when you feel disappointed in your marriage, the reason is often due to a “mind-reading” expectation.  At times, we all can have the “false belief” that our spouse should meet our expectation without us even making our request known, and that harms our relationship.

Remember to always question yourself when you are disappointed in your spouse, “Did I make my expectation known?”  You and I will frequently find that our hurt is due to our own mistake of not requesting our expectation.  In addition, most often it is healthiest to ASK for your expectation rather than even use a polite statement to prevent your spouse from feeling a demand by you.

TODAY:  Identify one expectation you have for your spouse and enhance your relationship by ASKING your spouse for that expectation. 

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