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Marriage Requires Daily Effort

In the middle of each week, I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on marriage, parenting, or life. Every successful endeavor in life requires tremendous effort!  And a happy marriage is no different, also requiring hard work!   But that work is a privilege, NOT an obligation.  Definitely, such effort is a privilege because you have the opportunity to love and value your spouse.

Daily, your marriage is getting better or it is getting worse but your relationship never stays the same.  So work very hard to improve yourself as a spouse, and work equally as hard at valuing your spouse in order to improve your marital satisfaction!

“Christ came to serve, not be served.”  Likewise, work hard at serving your spouse.  And both of you must work hard at serving one another, otherwise, your relationship will be imbalanced and unhappy.  Your mutual determined efforts will bear fruit for marital happiness.

TODAY:  What one behavior can you demonstrate that shows your spouse you are willing to work hard at creating a gratifying relationship?

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