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NEVER Stare In The Past!

On Wednesdays I post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. It is okay to GLANCE back BUT NEVER STARE in the PAST!  While driving, if you stare in your rear view mirror you will probably crash.  However, quickly glancing in your rear view mirror  to ensure no rear end collision makes sense.

When we fixate on the past we often experience regrets, guilt, and complacency which diminishes our joy and happiness in the present.  Frequently when “staring,” we also make numerous excuses about our circumstances today.  We blame, blame, blame, our parents, our teachers, the government, society, and even what happened to our family 75 to 150 years ago.

Such “past” excuse-thinking just produces one excuse after another and creates a lack of responsibility for one’s life today.  Unfortunately, too many individuals and groups in society are “staring in their rear view mirror” in order to blame the “past” on any or most of their problems today.

Staring in the past may also make us complacent about daily goals and future achievements.  We can become so content with past successes that we lose a healthy ambitious desire for personal growth or future accomplishments.

TODAY:  Say aloud, “I will never have a backward stare, instead, I will and I can live for today and the future!”

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