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An A.M. Important 5 Minutes

On Wednesdays I post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. What happens for you and your family members during the first five wake-up minutes in the morning?  Frequently, the first five minutes set the tone for each family member within your home, and perhaps, even determines the outcome of their day.  On the positive side, during this critical “5,” family members may feel appreciated, encouraged, and connected.  On the negative side, a loved one may feel hurt, frustrated, and discouraged.

How can we make this “Essential 5 Minutes” a wonderful experience?  We need to avoid the “Cs”:  criticism, complaints, corrections, and condemnation.  This is also not a time to resolve a problem from the previous day.  In addition, avoid any accusatory questions.

Instead, we can wear a smile or at a minimum have a friendly facial expression. When speaking, project a soft, encouraging tone and share upbeat, positive messages with family members.

TODAY:  Make it a goal to have a positive approach with each family member every morning in order to provide them a great start to their day.

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