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7 Ways to Have Meaningful Contact with Your Child

One of the primary ways to demonstrate unconditional love with your child is through various forms of contact.  Shown below are 7 ways to establish meaningful contact with your child. 

1. Physical contact.  Affection is the cement to a relationship and your child thrives on physical touch.

2. Eye contact.  The best attentive listening happens through continual eye connection.

3. Time contact.  Time equals love so love your child by spending daily time together.

4. Meal contact.  Meals at the table not only strengthen a parent-child bond but also provide a time for establishing values. 

5. Prayer contact. Regularly pray with your child: in the morning, in the car, at meals, before bedtime, etc.

6. Monthly date contact.  Plan a one-on-one monthly date with your child outside the home. 

7. Activity contact.  Regularly enjoy activities together like playing catch, riding a bike, going to the movies, shooting baskets, building with Legos, hitting golf balls, etc.

Today:  Implement these seven contact ideas as well as create your own meaningful contact action plan.

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