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7 Essential Goals For A Healthy Parent

A healthy parent desires to lead and guide their child to be a motivated, responsible decision-maker.  A wholesome parent also attempts to do their very best in order to help their child be successful in every area of life.  Focusing on 7 Essential Goals can assist a parent in achieving those objectives. 

1.         Provide unconditional love both verbally and physically. Daily, tell your child “I love you no matter what” and give numerous loving physical touches.  Unconditional love is always important but especially once your child is in double digits.

 2.         Only give your child positive labels, NEVER negative labels.  Your child will fulfill whatever label or reputation you place on their forehead.  Use the words “I appreciate” when giving the positive label.  For example, “I appreciate your positive attitude” or “hard work” or “great decision-making,” etc. 

 3.         Treat your child like they are 3 years older than their age.  Expecting your child to be 3 years more mature than their age will instill confidence, produce a positive attitude, and build excellent decision-making skills. 

 4.         Compliment more than you correct.  Unfortunately, most parents falsely believe the goal is to focus on just correcting errors. Instead, compliment your child’s efforts more than their outcome.  Search for what your child is doing right and give many “I appreciate” compliments. 

 5.         Be consistent, decisive, and have firm limits. It is so easy to give your child a second, third, fourth, and even fifth chance.  However, by not expecting your child to respond the first time, you are being inconsistent and indecisive which can create various difficulties for your child.  

 6.         Lead and guide your child by being brief.  Don’t try to influence your child’s heart by talking and reasoning way too much.  Talking a lot, debating, and arguing with your child will usually create “parent deafness” where they turn off the volume. Simply, be brief, be decisive, and have firm limits!

7.         Be a role model.  Example is not the best teacher, example is the only teacher.  More things in life are caught than taught.  As both an individual and parent, be operating at a higher level in all aspects of life than your child. 

This Week:  Discuss with your child’s other parent or a significant family member where you can improve for the sake of your child. 

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