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Strive For Obedience NOT Control

Every Wednesday I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on marriage, parenting, or life. Almost every loving parent believes that a healthy parenting approach is to "control behavior." Instead, it is better to have the main goal be obedience.  Almighty God, the creator of our universe, could easily control every person's words and behaviors but God desires obedience that leads to Godly decisions.  Hence, similar to God's relationship with us, a healthy parent wants to strive for a child's obedience.

Beginning with the teen years, a child will spend a significant amount of time away from parents and face many temptations and tough decisions that will be made without a parent's input. To lead a child toward obedience, avoid giving orders and commands.  Instead, with important choices provide opportunities for good decisions.  The more significant choices made within the home, the more likely responsible, Godly decisions will be made outside the home.

TODAY:   Adopt a parenting style that provides choices in order to help a child become a healthy, Godly decision-maker.

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