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Intimacy Leads To Oneness

On Wednesdays I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. In the Bible, God said “The two will become one.”  The “oneness” or intimacy goal is an essential ongoing process, never a destination.  In healthy marriages, the intimacy feeling regularly happens in a variety of ways:  emotionally, socially, sexually, recreationally, intellectually, physically through touch, sharing of one’s faith, etc. Unfortunately, for struggling couples the “oneness” is usually missing in more than one area of the relationship.

My future Marriage Book describes how to enhance the intimacy in all facets of a marriage.  For now, please evaluate the following intimacy aspects: Understanding and listening closely to your spouse; talking about your faith; enjoying time with other couples; having regular sexual intimacy; doing fun things together; and discussing meaningful topics.

TODAY:  Identify the number one area where you need to improve in order to enhance the “oneness” or intimacy within your marriage and then share that goal with your spouse so you can work together.

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