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Have A Positive Vocabulary

On Wednesdays I post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. Empowering our mind is essential for a meaningful life and enjoyable relationships.  Life is just too short to waste time with unproductive, negative language.  Toxic words also hurt us mentally, emotionally, physically, as well as in our relationships.

A strong vocabulary includes phrases like, "I get to" help others; "I am choosing" to encourage others; "This is distressing NOT dangerous AND I can cope and handle every challenge"; "I will and I can" achieve my goals.

When we change our language for the better, we create an enthusiasm for life with a positive attitude for every situation and relationship.  For the word "crisis," the Chinese have two symbols, "danger" and "opportunity." With God's help, when we have a positive vocabulary we turn our challenges into opportunities.

TODAY:  Only have a positive vocabulary to be mentally strong and enhance relationships with others. (September 6, 2017)

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