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Enhance Your Marriage: Be An Initiator

Every Wednesday I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on marriage, parenting, or life. Sadly, I have heard some form of this comment numerous times, "My spouse rarely initiates anything positive with me and that is extremely disappointing and hurtful."  When a spouse stops being an initiator of encouraging words and actions that usually leads to the disease of complacency and complacency is one major factor that creates marital unhappiness and sometimes eventual failure.

The Bible states, "Love your neighbor as yourself" and your closest "neighbor" is your spouse. Loving your spouse requires an initiation of a meaningful behavior or an encouraging comment.  Initiation is one major quality possessed by every healthy spouse so work very hard at being a wonderful daily initiator with both words and behaviors.

TODAY:  Be a healthy spouse and initiate a compliment or a hug or a kiss or a conversation or hold your spouse's hand or say "I love you" or say "Thank you" or suggest a date for next weekend.

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