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Don't Live In Denial

Every Wednesday I will post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on marriage, parenting, or life. Denial originates from either a lack of awareness or confused thinking about what is healthy or not healthy.  Most of the time denial is due to not being able to identify the "unhealthy" rather than a will not attitude.  Thus, it is a "Can't" identify, not a "Won't" identify unhealthy thoughts or behaviors.  Unfortunately, before the truthful realities of unhealthy words and behaviors become apparent, it is often too late and the extreme damage has already been done.

No matter what the reason, not recognizing major personal issues, addictions, unhealthy life/marriage/parenting thoughts, eating disorders, etc. may create a miserable personal life as well as produce painful relationships. A spouse in denial over controlling behaviors, extreme selfishness, an uncompromising spirit, or an uncooperative attitude, makes for a difficult marriage.  Or a parent in denial with unhealthy parenting ideas can create a lifetime of struggles for a child in adulthood.

By continually living in denial regarding unhealthy individual behaviors, spousal issues, or an unhealthy parenting style, your personal life, marriage, or child may be severely hurt for years to come.  If you have dissatisfaction with your individual life or marriage or your child is struggling in some area of life, before it is too late, make sure that denial is not the main issue with a particular problem.

TODAY:  Recognize how you may play a part in a personal life problem or a relationship struggle due to denial.  Then, avoid the trap of denial and seek ways to overcome those destructive, thoughts, words, or actions. 

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