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Bake A Great Cake!

On Wednesdays I post a practical wisdom thought or suggestion on Marriage, Parenting, or Life. If a cake tastes like vinegar, the most delicious icing in the world will not improve the taste.  Think of a cake as your personal life and a marriage like the icing.

I have counseled numerous couples that had a troubled relationship due to one spouse having a personal life that was not pleasant.  Surprisingly, those spouses often blamed the marriage rather than accepting responsibility for an unsavory cake.

The best marriage cannot create a happy life for either partner because one’s personal life must first be satisfying.  Hence, the goal is to focus on baking a great cake, in other words, having a pleasing personal life. Then, the satisfying icing on the cake will make a delicious combination.

Always remember, happiness is an inside job, not a relationship one.  Pour your energies into making yourself a better person, spouse, friend, parent, etc.

TODAY:  Determine what “ingredient,” meaning positive attribute(s) or behavior(s), will begin improving your personal life.

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