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4th Marital “C” – Caressing: The Cement

Physical touch actually solidifies a marital relationship like cement.  Initially, when I counsel a struggling couple, physical affection is almost nonexistent.  Touch is not only essential for a marriage but physical affection also helps a spouse physically and emotionally. This is the fourth video as part of the “Twelve Cs.”  The link is:  I hope that you will also benefit from the other videos on my YouTube channel.

The Twelve “Cs” are:  Commitment To Improve and Grow; Communication: Enhancing Your Connection; Compliments; Confession (Apologizing) and Forgiveness; Caressing-The Cement; Cohesion:  Your Emotional Connection; Cooperation; Conflict Resolution (Disagreement Discussion); Commitment To Plan; Cash; Clan (Family); and Change.

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