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10 Helpful Homework Ideas


Parents can play a major role in parenting their children for a successful school experience.  Here are 10 ways that parents can support and supplement what takes place in the classroom.  I will also post these homework ideas again next August. 

1.         Allow your child some time to unwind after school.

2.         Avoid the pressure of school by making homework a comfortable activity.

3.         Determine your child’s biological clock.  When is their best time for studying – before dinner or immediately after dinner.

4.         Create a quiet, study environment for your child to do homework, with good lighting and             necessary supplies. 

5.         Help your child with learning how to break major homework assignments into manageable chunks.

6.         Look over the homework after it is completed to see that it is neat and totally finished.

7.         Show interest in your child’s school work by displaying it on a bulletin board or the refrigerator.

8.         Help your child learn to study effectively for tests by:

            *          reviewing notes several days before the test

            *          asking the teacher what the test will cover

            *          save past quizzes because they are great study guides

 9.         Make sure your child gets enough sleep every night.

 10.       Compliment!  Compliment!  Compliment!  When your child works hard at their homework always reaffirm them with, “I really appreciate your wonderful effort!”

 Today:  Begin implementing these 10 helpful homework ideas. 

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