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How To Evaluate 2018 and Improve In 2019

To improve one’s life, I believe that one of a person’s major goals is continual growth.  The best way to evaluate our efforts in 2018 is to ask three questions with various aspects of life. 

1. What did I achieve?

2. How did I do?

3. What did I do right? 

For example with my marriage, I could ask myself these three questions: “What did I achieve by enhancing emotional closeness with my wife?”  When I hurt or disappointed my wife, How did I do in the area of apologizing?”  Finally, What did I do right in terms of my daily communication with my wife to build up our relationship?” 

For improving 2019, ask three questions with various aspects of life. 

1. What do I need to keep doing?

2. What do I need to start doing

3. What do I need to stop doing

Again, using my marriage as an example and focusing on just emotional closeness. “What do I need to keep doing to strengthen our emotional closeness?” “What do I need to start doing to improve our emotional closeness?” Finally, “What do I need to stop doing that hurts our emotional closeness?”

 The following are aspects of life to consider:  Goals, Integrity, Attitude, Compassion, Mutual Respect, Enthusiasm, Faith in Christ, Personal Development, Marriage, Family, Parenting, Friendships, Health, Learning, Exercise, Organization of Home, Investments, Retirement, Recreation, Self-confidence, Work, Neighbors, Emotional Well-being, etc.

This Week:  Take the time to reflect and even write down your evaluation of 2018 along with your plan to improve your most important life areas in 2019.  Perhaps seek answers from family and friends to the 3 improvement questions.

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