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“Simple Habits for Marital Happiness” is a great guidebook for anyone genuinely wanting to understand the heart of their spouse. Dr. Schroeder has done a wonderful job giving practical insight on how to make immediate and lasting improvements in any marriage. You’ll keep going back to this book over and over.
— Stephen Arterburn, New York Times Best Selling author of books such as Every Man’s Battle, editor of the Life Recovery Bible, Founder of New Life Ministries and host of New Life Live, creator of Women of Faith conferences, and Teaching Pastor Northview Church, Carmel, Indiana
After more than 50 years of marriage, one would think that my dear wife and I have each other figured out well enough to be able to avoid disagreements and to keep stressful moments from becoming harmful conversations or hurtful actions. Think again. We still have our share of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Dr. Schroeder’s practical recommendations in “Simple Habits for Marital Happiness” will help married couples achieve greater understanding, emotional attachment, mutual happiness, and spiritual unity. It would be a great gift idea for married friends, children, and grandchildren.
— Rev. Dr. Gerald Kieschnick, President Emeritus of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Deo
Dr. Schroeder has given a wealth of practical wisdom and insight into developing and maintaining a healthy marital relationship. His beginning with forgiveness and the power it gives for reconciliation is excellent and sets this book apart from many other practical marital guides. His 4 wisdom habits are simple, yet profound: eye contact, hugs, kisses, and time together. I see the necessary ingredient in communication with his constant emphasis on affirmation and respect. This book will be an excellent guide for spiritual closeness that can benefit a couple for their lifetime.
— Rev. Dr. David Ludwig author of Renewing the Family Spirit, The Spirit of Your Marriage, The Power of WE, and Christian Concepts for Care
What a gem of a book for anyone who wants their marriage to grow stronger, healthier and more loving – which is just about everyone I know! Chock full of practical, easy-to-read tips that deal with real-life marital issues—from ‘date your mate’ to handling your finances—Dr. Schroeder’s book is a must-have daily reader that will keep you coming back for more!
— Michele Chynoweth, author of contemporary, bible-based novels The Faithful One, The Peace Maker, The Runaway Prophet and The Jealous Son
Drawing upon nearly three decades as an effective Christian therapist and marriage counselor, Dr. Schroeder brings together a valuable collection of lessons aimed at bolstering marital relationships. The tenuousness of the marriage bond is reflected in the sad statistic of so many marital failures—a result that no couple beginning lives together anticipates or desires. Habits and behaviors that contribute to a successful marriage are not simply intuitive. This volume, comprised of 90 short, very practical topics, offers help, guidance, and encouragement based on a solid Biblical foundation, committed Christian faith, and keen insight from therapy research and practice. “Simple Habits” is a fine resource and wonderful blessing for any couple eager to enjoy a happy marriage.
— Rev. Dr. Patrick Ferry, President, Concordia University Wisconsin
As a parish pastor, I was always looking for resources to share with married couples. Dr. Schroeder has put together an outstanding resource for helping couples improve their communication and strengthen their marriages. I believe “Simple Habits” will be an excellent tool for pastors in their marital and premarital counseling. It is a tool they will be able to use almost immediately in helping couples build healthier and stronger marriages.
— Rev. Dr. Steven Turner, President of the Iowa West LCMS District
“Simple Habits” for Marital Happiness is practical, Pastoral and grounded in helpful Biblical wisdom for today’s challenged marriages. These habits offer hope! These habits remind us that God intends marriages to be relationships of Joy through Christ. Dr. Schroeder (one of my Seminary Professors) is not a travel agent ‘who has never been where he wants us to go’ but a tour guide ‘who has been there and who has walked with couples’ to improve lives and marriages. I loved the examples and his many years of experience with thousands of couples and individuals come through. This is an intriguing read and it applies to life and marriages in the most basic ways.
— Rev. Dr. Allan Buss, President of the Northern Illinois LCMS District
Dr. Schroeder has offered to married couples (or those contemplating marriage) an excellent and timely tool. At a time when marriages are crumbling at an all-time rate, his “Simple Habits” is not only a ‘how to’ but also a ‘who to’ resource. Drawing from his experience as a long time Individual, Family, and Marriage counselor he presents practical and attainable habits for the couple, but also stresses that those efforts must reflect a partnership between a man and a woman who understand ‘who to’ rely upon for their inspiration to succeed. The habits are not only a recovery strategy, but a foundation for a healthier marriage for us all. Thank you, Dr. Schroeder, for helping us make healthier marriages a habit for our lives together.
— Rev. Keith Kohlmeier, Former President of the Kansas LCMS District