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Simple habits for MARital happiness

I am very excited that Simple Habits For Marital Happiness will be released March 2020.

A healthy, happy marriage is built day by day through the specific, small actions that show our love. The good news is that anyone can learn the habits that create a gratifying marriage! 

Simple Habits For Martial Happiness is an incredible book that covers every aspect of a marriage to help you create a vibrant, rewarding relationship that grows stronger every day. Backed by over thirty years of experience both personally and professionally, I help you develop the habits your marriage needs. 

These straightforward, easy-to-understand lessons will show you how to:

  • Apologize and forgive

  • Stay in love after the honeymoon

  • Communicate effectively with your spouse

  • Safeguard your oneness

  • Maintain emotional and physical closeness

  • Disagree without hurting your relationship

  • Budget, save, and spend together

Instead of talking about marriage generalities, this book gives all the precise, practical answers necessary for achieving a satisfying relationship.  And the implementation of just one healthier habit often makes the difference between marital happiness and divorce.  

Whether you’ve been married for years, are a newlywed, or are still looking for that special someone Simple Habits For Martial Happiness can teach you how to have the marriage you’ve been praying for.

simple habits for effective PARENTING

This future book will provide parents the ten essential components that build a positive relationship with a child. Parents will also gain the verbal skills to give appropriate consequences, take away privileges, and effectively influence a child’s heart. With these practical ideas and tools, a parent will become confident, consistent, and decisive in guiding a child to be a responsible decision-maker.

simple habits for a satisfying LIFE

This future book will offer the life skills and tools to set goals, cope with anxiety, combat depression, accomplish tasks, and finally possess the essential Simple Habits that create a successful, satisfying life.